For the last 5 years (2012-2016), the United States has been the world's top producer of oil and natural gas, surpassing perennial top-oil and natural gas producing nations like Saudi Arabia, Russia, China, and Venezuela.

Despite this, New Englanders paid 53% more for their electricity than the national average, and a big reason is the lack of sufficient energy infrastructure.

A 2016 survey of registered voters in New England found 80 percent were concerned about the affordability of energy in their region.

New England is a net energy importer, which means we use more energy than we produce. That means we need to invest in the proper energy infrastructure to deliver the fuel that powers our homes, businesses and economy.

Generally, when it’s cold in New England, and natural gas demand from power generators, individual households, businesses and industries peaks, our infrastructure limitations may not keep up with that demand. Hence, higher-than-the-national-average energy costs.

Rebuilding our region’s energy infrastructure will enable us to take greater advantage of cleaner, more efficient natural gas as our energy source.  Natural gas that comes from the USA.  

By constructing safe, environmentally sound natural gas energy infrastructure, we can bring a clean, flexible fuel that will enable New England to take advantage of ALL its energy resources.